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The fabrics manufactured with the advanced technology of Thermocool Pro provide us with thermal insulation against the cold combined with a high capacity of perspiration.

The main property of this fabric is the combination of hollow fiber, which prevents cold, and fibers with channels, which transport sweat to the outside while keeping the body dry.

Thermo Cool - CP Aluart

How does it works

The cross-section fibers give us a feeling of freshness, thanks to the rapid evaporation of sweat, in addition to the thermoregulation of the heat depending on the body needs of each moment.

Thermocool fabrics are manufactured with two types of fibers. On the one hand, multichannel fibers that allow sweat to evaporate faster than other materials thanks to the transport of sweat from the inside of the fabric to the outside.

On the other hand, the hollow fiber of thermocool, creates an air chamber throughout the fabric and provides optimal thermal insulation in situations of cold or extreme cold. The combination of these two properties creates a perfect fabric for daily activities or sports, since on the one hand it isolates us from the cold and on the other does not neglect the properties of the Coolmax’s perspiration.

Silver ions

The Thermocool fiber comes with the intrinsic incorporation of silver ions, which is the antibacterial permanent effect that prevents the unpleasant bad odor produced by sweat.

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