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Fabrics made with fiber F.R. they provide flame retardant properties. The combination of modacrylic and cotton fibers allows us to manufacture fabrics that provide great fire resistance without neglecting comfort.

How it works

The precise combustion of oxygen. Fabrics made with F.R. they limit the propagation of the fire since their fibers emit other vapors that absorb oxygen close to the flame.

These fabrics manufactured with F.R. in their pure presentation, they have a high capacity as a flame retardant fiber, but if in turn we mix them with other cellulosic fibers, the synergistic effect accumulated between them allows to increase their LOI index (Index Oxygen Limit), which in turn increases significantly the factor of security of the garments.


Our fabrics are made with a mixture of modacrilica and cotton, which provides a high level of comfort, softness, air circulation and moisture transport, characteristics that do not correspond to conventional protective garments.

On the other hand, this mixture provides new possibilities in terms of design and color.

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