Our fabrics developed with Fire Resistant fiber, provide a high level of flame protection and combine with a comfort and heat resistant, that allow create EPI garments with big quality for the user.

How does it works

These innovative technical fabrics are composed of two fibers to protect against fire and provide comfort.

The modacrilic fiber can reduce the oxygen levels, and this delays the flame propagation into the fabric, giving a greats levels of flame protection.


On the other way, the cotton fiber (a material that carbonize in contact with the flame), provides comfort high levels, lightness and softness to the EPI garment.

To the wide range of F.R. Fabrics, we could offer the possibility to add another carbon fiber. This new material provides to the fabrics antiestatical properties mainly to protect the worker against the materials highly flammable.

All our different F.R. And F.R.Antiestatical fabrics fulfill with the main European and international standards.